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What do you want to listen to when you bike? On your commute? At the gym? GVL on Air is a podcast for everyone no matter your religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or politics. This podcast is for anyone who likes to ask questions. For anyone who wants to hear differing opinions. For anyone who wants to know more about the beautiful city we call home. Stay tuned Greenville, this podcast is for you.


We will interview local influencers, entrepreneurs, political leaders, and average citizens. We even interview you. We want to know the real people who live in Greenville.



Do you have an interesting story? Did something crazy ever happen to you? Sad, happy, funny; we would love to hear your story.



We love talking at GVL What should we be talking about? Any social issues, or news stories that directly affect us? Let us Know

Listen to our Latest Episode

Ep. 7 | Foothill Foodie Tours

We try desserts and explore the West End of Downtown with Rose Woelker of Foothill Foodie Tours

Episode 6: Author Brandy Hunt

Author Brandy Hunt talks about her experiences, her books, and about the work that she is doing to add value to people's lives.

Ep 5: Start an E-Commerce Store with Rhodes Kriskie

Today I interview my good friend Rhodes, founder and CEO of Tekli.co a digital marketing agency based in Greenville. His agency specializes in E-commerce.

Episode 4: yeah that frunk

We drive around in the latest Tesla. You can rent one here in Greenville for your own driving pleasure.

Episode 3: thehippiebiscuit, vegan food in the upstate, baby names

Stephanie and Eric are Greenville transplants, and they fit right in. Recorded at the new Methodical Coffee in the Landmark Project.

Episode 2: guysguidegvl | greatgreenvillage

Today I interview two people who run and manage local digital publications, greatgreenvillage, and guysguidegvl.

Episode 1. Peace, Minimalism, God, Differences

We discuss whether there is a supreme being, if it's a God, and concepts of God to each individual. We talk about minimalism, and peace. We talk about what makes people different from each other, and the things that can bring us together.

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